Monday, July 12, 2010

What's In a Name?

Snagged from Urban Daddy SF a while ago, I tried to put it aside and ignore this posting.  Somehow, I couldn't bring myself to delete the email.  (Plus, I have some kind of OCD thing about Mao paraphernalia as the photo of one of my favorite possessions ever below suggests.)

This was an article about the food truck, Chairman Bao in the city. According to the Village Voice, Chairman Bao is the brainchild of Charlie Trotter's and SF seafood restaurant, Pacific Catch. It's adorable with a nicely packaged ID, better than Tommy's on Van Ness.  Big on shelf impact. Organics, biodynamics and sustainability aside, I DO want to check out their steamed and baked Chinese bun offerings next I am off my leash in the city. You gotta love that they don't even have a website, it's all about the Twitter connection announcing the next location. You can get hooked up at

But wait! There are some dark clouds ahead.  Apparently, "Chairman Bao" is a top selling signature dish at BaoHaus, an NYC eatery specializing in, you got it... steamed bao sandwiches. Check it out at

Stay tuned for the upcoming rumble. BaoHaus owner Eddie Huang, has challenged Chairman Bao to a Mao bao throw down. He's going to come out to San Francisco and have a cook off, but in a Le Truc catering bus.

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