Sunday, April 25, 2010

Best Meal in Israel

Hot and tired after a full day of making cupcakes, Sigal and I sped down to Jaffe to poke around in the flea markets. Unfortunately, we left it too late in the day so I only got a cursory feeling for the place. Undaunted, we hunted down the original ORIGINAL flea market spot and there, right in the middle, was the cutest, brightly colored, corrugated steel café. When Life presents you with these opportunities, well, you eat them.

The fish platter offered up lip smackingly delicious marinated, pickled and smoked oily little fishes with an atypically spicy hot Israeli salad and oil cured olives. We tried the labneh as well with some very good 2006 Kinarty Cab from Galilee, beer and nutty bread. There they were -- all the food groups.

For all the amazing foods I got to try during my 2 weeks in Israel, THIS was my most memorable meal. As the sun slunk down behind the horizon, crowds of young people joined us at the tables outside. Before long, night fell and there wasn't a single seat left.

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