Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nihon no Aji

I've had many discussions about what is the "Taste of Japan" and shiso, that green or red leaf you find used in sushi and in salted plum pickles, usually wins out over the rest of the contenders. Now, I'm finding that I may be wrong in my assumptions.

903, a Japanese company, offers a short list of oil, soy, condiments, seasonings....all which boast a smoky profile. Having grown up in Japan, I can't say that I remember that country to be as smoke crazy as the U.S. Far from it. I'm so curious to taste the smoke profile on these products. Will it differ from the hickory dominated U.S.?

Haven't gotten my taste buds around any of their products yet, but, I'm thinking that it's GOT to be an improvement over liquid think? For all of you who have a quicker access to civilization, look in a Dean & Deluca's. I may even get a chance to check them out myself tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Nowadays, it seems the whole backyard grill scenario has gone haywire. Has anyone else noticed or is it just me? I've seen more money spent on the outdoor grill setup (complete with build-ins, smokers, rotisseries and refrigeration) than the indoor kitchen. Recently, I needed to buy a new gas grill and I was hard pressed to find just that -- a grill without sinks, warming drawers, "infrared' burners, rotisserie attachment.... The part that makes me happy is that SOMEONE out there must be cooking real food at home. And if that's the case, then maybe two or more people are sitting down to dinner together...maybe they're actually having a conversation. It boggles the mind, but we need more of that in our lives. For all of you who don't have a smoker or grill setup, 903's products may be your best bet.

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